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Frequently asked questions about Reiki

1. What is Reiki?     

2. What does Reiki do?

3. How does one learn Reiki?

4. Is Reiki a religion or any other belief system?

5. What is the difference between healing and curing? 

6. Can Reiki heal me?

7. Can Reiki be used on any illness?

8. What does a Reiki treatment consist of?

9. What will I feel or experience during a treatment?

10. How many treatments should I have?

11. How does distant healing work?

12. What do I have to do to receive distant healing?

13. What can I expect when receiving distant healing?

14 Can children receive Reiki?

15. Can Reiki be used on animals?

16. I feel better, can I stop using medications?

17. How can I schedule a hands-on Reiki treatment?

18. How can I find a Reiki Master to learn Reiki from?