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Paganism: Any religion other than Christianity, Islam, or Judaism. Generally categorized as an earth religion. Most are polytheistic (have more than one god or goddess). Literally means "country dweller".

Palmistry: Hand Reading. The divination practice of psychically reading an individual's past, present and future, as well as health and character, by studying the lines, shape and texture of the individual's hands, fingers and wrists.

Pancreas: Located in the abdominal cavity and secrets digestive enzymes into the small intestine and also secrets the hormones insulin and glucagon into the blood: where they regulate glucose levels. A digestive organ that produces trypsin, chymotrypsin and other enzymes as pancreatic juices, but which also has endocrine functions in the productions of the hormones somatostatin, insulin and glucagon.

Paranormal: Describes events or abilities beyond or above normal human powers or senses.

Parathyroid: Are four small pea size glands located behind the thyroid glands. The sole purpose of the parathyroid glands is to regulate the calcium levels so the nervous and muscular systems can function properly.

Past-life therapy (Past Life Regression Therapy, PLRT, past lives therapy, regression therapy, transformational therapy): Form of psychotherapy that emerged in the 1960s and usually involves hypnotism. Past-life "therapists" purportedly trace physical and psychological problems to traumatic events the patient experienced during previous incarnations .

Pendulum: A tool often used to communicate with spirits or the divine.

Pineal Gland: A small gland located between the cerebral hemispheres of the brain that secretes melatonin.

Pingala: The right astral conduit of the masculine energies from the Kundalini that is wrapped around the Sushumna. It ends at the right nasal sinus.

Pitta: The biological fire. Used in Ayurvedic medical typing

Pituitary Gland: A small gland located at the base of the brain; consists of an anterior and a posterior lobe and produces numerous hormones. The master gland of the endocrine system: the pituitary release hormones that have specific targets as well as those that stimulate other glands to secret hormones.

Prana: The life force or energy which animates material forms. It is also present in breath. Also Chi, Ki or Mana in other belief systems.

Precognition: Advance knowledge of future events.

Prophet: One who predicts the future, usually receiving his information from a divine source.

Projective Hand (giving hand): A term often used to describe your most powerful hand, generally the one you write with.

Psychic: A general term describing a person with one or more paranormal abilities such as extrasensory perception, clairvoyance or telepathy.

Psychic Abilities: Perceiving, receiving, or transferring information without the use of the 5 common senses (sight, touch, hearing, taste, smell).

Psychic Awareness: The open state of awareness in which the conscious mind can tap into the psychic mind.


Qigong: (also spelled "chi gong," and "chi gung")  1. (Chi Kung, Chinese Energetic healing, Chinese Qigong therapy, Chinese yoga, internal Qigong, Kiko, Qi Gong, Qigong healing) Chinese form of self-healing whose aim is to stimulate and balance the flow of qi (chi, vital energy) through meridians (energy pathways). It involves contemplation, visualization (imagery), assumption of postures, and stylized breathing and body movements. "Gong" (or "kung," as in "kung fu") is a Chinese word that pertains to skill. The word "qigong" literally means "breathing exercise," "to work the vital force," "practicing with the breath," or "working with the energy of life." Interpretations of the word include energy skill and "energy mastering exercise. 2. A vast group of systems and methods of ancient Chinese and twentieth-century origin that encompasses Qigong therapy.

Quarters: The north, east, south, and west parts of the circle.


The Radiance Technique® (TRT, The Official Real Reiki®, The Official Reiki Program®, Real Reiki®): Form of energy balancing advanced by Barbara Weber Ray, Ph.D., a clairvoyant astrologer who began using the expression "The Radiance Technique" in 1986.

Reading: Information given to a person by an intuitive or psychic in response to questions asked. May involve past, present and future events.

Receptive Hand: The hand that has less power, generally whichever hand you do not write with. This hand is used less in holding and charging ritual items, however, it receives outside energy which is used to feed the magic.

Reflexology: 1. Variation of acupressure whose postulate is that all bodily organs have corresponding external "reflex points" (on the scalp, ears, face, nose, tongue, neck, back, arms, wrists, hands, abdomen, legs, and feet), and that manipulation of these points can enhance the flow of energy. 2. Foot Reflexology. 3. Zone therapy. 4. Macroreflexology and microreflexology. 5. A type of shiatsu that focuses on the hands and feet.

Reiju: Opening or empowerment (similar effect as in the Reiki Attunements)

Reiki I: The Reiki 1 attunement seems to mainly benefit the physical body in opening it up to channel more Reiki energy. Once attuned one will never lose the ability to use Reiki. In Reiki 1 the history of Reiki and the hand positions are taught.

Reiki II: The Reiki 2 attunement gives an even higher possible level of energy vibrations in the student. Here one also learns 3 Reiki symbols: The Power Symbol, The Mental Symbol and The Distance Symbol these can be used to help focus energy for specific purposes.

Reiki Attunement: When attending a Reiki course the participant gets attuned/initiated by a Reiki Master through a simple process, this opens him/her to receive and utilize more of the Universal Life Energy. The attunements have in themselves a very powerful balancing and healing effect.

Reiki Healing: A Japanese healing technique to tap the Universal Life Energy and use it to heal and balance living beings; a tool for personal transformation, growth and change. Follow the path through my site and learn more about Reiki.

Reiki Marathon: Conducer to miraculous healing wherein eight to ten Reiki practitioners continuously "treat" an individual for eight to ten hours.

Reiki Master: This initiation is given to attune persons who have Reiki 2 and wish to be able to teach and initiate others into Reiki. In this process the vibration level of energy is once again raised and the Master symbol is taught.

Reiki Meditation: Meditation system that involves the "healing power of Reiki." It can bring on clairvoyance and release or transmute "negative energy."

Reiki Plus: Offshoot of Reiki devised by Reverend David G. Jarrel, founder of Pyramids of Light, Inc., a nondenominational "Christ-Conscious" church in Tennessee, and its "educational arm," the Reiki Plus Institute. Reiki Plus encompasses Physio-Spiritual Etheric Body healing, Psycho Therapeutic Reiki, and Spinal Attunement Technique.

Seichim Reiki: Combination of Reiki, Seichim, and means of "accessing interdimensional planes" and "empowering" crystals.

Reiki Symbols: There are 4 symbols in the "original" Usui Reiki. These can be used to focus and amplify the Reiki energy for specific purposes. Other Reiki systems have added further symbols to help achieve the wanted result.

Reincarnation: The rebirth of the soul into other physical forms from one life (reincarnation) to the next. The new physical form can be animal or human.

Runes: A tool of magic and divination. There are many types of runes, all of them alphabets of some sort. Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and modern Wiccan runes are just a few. They are usually tossed randomly after deciding a subject, and then deciphered based on their positioning.

Tibetan Reiki: Variation of and extension to Reiki. Tibetan Reiki is supposedly of ancient Tibetan origin.


Scriptures: The religious writings of any people that they regard as sacred and authoritative.

Scrying: A form of divination by gazing into something, usually a reflective surface (ie a crystal ball).

Séance: A gathering of people seeking communication with deceased loved ones or famous historical figures through a medium.

Seichim: Ancient Egyptian healing art "rediscovered" circa 1992 in New York. Its theory posits seichim: "activating, ecstatic 'heart' energy". The method includes "goddess energy visualization."

Seiki-jutsu: Japanese method wherein a therapist transfers seiki (universal healing energy) to a patient. Seiki  enters the patient through the whorl of hair at the crown.

Self-healing: An approach to health, or process that typically involves using affirmations, prayer, and/or visualization techniques to tap one's innate healing potential or vital force. Its states that anyone who does not have congenital or hereditary defects, has not had exposure to damaging radiation, has not ingested alcohol or other drugs excessively, has a nourishing diet, and genuinely wants to enjoy good health, can do so because each of his or her basic systems is perfect.

Shaman: A medicine man/woman or witch doctor.

Shamanism: The religion of the ancient peoples of northern Europe and Asia, generally characterized by the ability of the Shaman to communicate with the spirit world. Major facets of Shamanism are animism, possession, prophecy/revelations, shape shifting, and soul travel.

Shanti: Calmness, serenity, peace

Shapeshifting: A very esoteric practice involving changing the human form. This can be practiced while on the astral plane this alone is a great accomplishment. It is said that one can also shapeshift on the physical plane, though documented proof of this is nonexistent. Few books are published on the subject as it is an art mainly for certain people, and teachers prefer to find these people and teach them their art secretively rather than let the public know their ways.

Shiatsu (acupressure, schiatsu, shiatsu massage therapy, shiatsu therapy, shiatzu): Healing art whose major types are acupressure, shiatsu massage, and Zen Shiatsu. Its theory posits ki (vital energy), meridians (energy pathways), and tsubos: vital"points or "holes" on the body that are susceptible to healthful stimulation. Shiatsu is the abbreviation of a Japanese word that literally means "finger pressure treatment".

Skandhas: Five elements each individual is composed of.

Sonopuncture: Technique that involves application of ultrasound to classical acupuncture points.

Soul: The true identity of a human being, the immortal self that surpasses death and lives on into the other world.

Spell: A magical action. The ritual direction of energies towards some certain goal, generally with the use of spoken words.

Spirit: The true, non-physical part of an individual.

Spirit Guide: A spiritual entity who teaches a medium or channel and who guides them in their spiritual work.

Spleen: Flattened, oblong organ that removes disease-producing organisms and worn-out red blood cells from the bloodstream. The spleen is situated in the upper left abdominal cavity, in contact with the pancreas, the diaphragm, and the left kidney. The spleen removes iron from the hemoglobin of red blood cells for use in the body. It also removes such waste materials as bile pigments for excretion as bile by the liver. The spleen produces antibodies against various disease organisms and manufactures a variety of blood cells.

Stomach: Part of the digestive system. The outer surface of the stomach is smooth; the inner surface is folded into numerous complex ridges, which assist in the mixing of food with digestive juices and channel this material through the stomach into the intestines. Only water, alcohol, and certain drugs seem to be absorbed from the stomach; most food absorption takes place in the small intestine. In humans the stomach is situated in the upper part of the abdominal cavity, mostly to the left of the midline.

Stupa: A dome, or pagoda, in which sacred relics are deposited.

Subliminal Messages: Words or messages communicated at a level below the conscious mind's ability to perceive. Allegedly, messages can enter directly into the subconscious mind, thus by-passing the rational/logical center of the individual's brain .

Sufi healing: Tradition of faith healing based on Sufism, an Islamic form of mysticism that developed mainly in Persia (Iran). It is based particularly on the teachings of one of the largest Sufi orders, the Chishti order. Sufi healing includes abjad, breathwork, fasting, and prayer.

Sutra: Literally, "thread" or "string." A scripture containing the teachings of Buddha.

Symbol: A sign which represents something else. Symbols are used commonly in rituals to represent gods, elements, goals, and more. See Reiki symbols.



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