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A Mudra (Sanskrit word meaning sign or seal) is a gesture or position, usually of the hands, that locks and guides energy flow and reflexes to the brain. By curling, crossing, stretching and touching the fingers and hands, we can "talk" to the body and mind as each area of the hand corresponds to a certain part of the mind or body.

From the little finger to the thumb: each finger represents earth, metal, fire, wood, and water, respectively. The entire universe  lies within your ten fingers and it is also said that there is an infinite number of Mudras even though we only have 10 fingers. Mudras can be used both for meditation and/or healing.

How to do a Mudra
Mudras are easy to do and when used with Reiki you can usually feel the energy flow strongly. Start each Mudra session by "washing" your hands (rub your hands against each other about 10 times, hold hands before your Navel Chakra) this will help energy to flow in your hands. If you have Reiki II you can draw the Power symbol and the Mental/Emotional symbol over your hands (or any other symbol that you prefer). Sit with your back straight, either with legs crossed or on a straight backed chair. Put your fingers together as described in the Mudras below. In each Mudra, exert enough pressure to feel the flow of energy but not enough to whiten fingertips.

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The Om Mudra

The Om Mudra
This is probably one of the most well known Mudras and is very easy to do.

How to do it:
Start by "washing" your hands as explained above, add symbols if wanted. Sit with a straight back. Create the sacred OM mudra by connecting the index finger with the thumb on the same hand (both hands). The thumb is the gateway to Divine Will (represented by the Crown Chakra) and the index finger is the Ego (represented by the Navel Chakra). As you do this Mudra you can do an affirmation or just chant OM (pronounced AUM). If doing the affirmation say to yourself when you breathe in: "I am one with the Universe" and as you breathe out "The Universe and I are one". This mudra is very good when your life is in need of peace and tranquility.

Finger position for Smiling Buddha Mudra
Hands and arm positions for Smiling Buddha Mudra

The Smiling Buddha Mudra
This is one of my favorites and you might have seen this mudra also in paintings and statues. This is a gesture and exercise of happiness as it opens the flow of energy to the heart.

How to do it:
Sit comfortably either with crossed legs or on a straight backed chair. Bend ring and little fingers, pressing them down with the thumbs, keeping index and middle fingers straight (be comfortable do not force the fingers straight), palms forward. Elbows in towards the body (as far as it feels comfortable for you) and keep a 30 degree angle between the upper arms and forearms, keep the forearms parallel to each other.

Concentrate on your Third Eye and mentally chant (at the Third Eye) Sa Ta Na Ma ("Sa" - Infinity, "Ta" - Life, Existence, "Na" - Death, "Ma" - Rebirth, Light). Can be done without the chant but try to at least concentrate on your Third Eye.

Keep elbows in towards your body and your chest out (straight back). Continue for about 10 minutes, then inhale deeply, exhale, open and close the fists several times, and relax. Enjoy the experience!

Squeze the inside and outside of the finger corresponding to the problem
Acupuncture points on hand

Fight worry, depression, impatience, anger, fear and other emotions

I don't know if this can be called a Mudra as it is a Qi Gong exercise that I learnt a long time ago. The effects and technique are certainly similar. This Mudra can be done anywhere as there is no preparation needed and it can be done discreetly.

As mentioned above your fingers corresponds to the five elements but they also correspond to emotions and the major organs. On the outside and inside (not top and bottom!) of your fingers run the meridians and there are several acupuncture points located here. These are represented by the black dots on the first picture.

By pressing or squeezing the sides of the fingers, according to your needs, you can affect both the emotion and the corresponding organ. This is how the fingers work:

  • The thumb represents the element earth, the stomach and worry.
  • The index finger represents the element metal, the lungs, the large intestine and the emotions depression, sadness and grief.
  • The middle finger is the element fire, the heart, small intestine, circulatory and respiratory systems, the emotions are impatience and hastiness.
  • The ring finger is the element wood and is connected to the liver, gall bladder, nervous system and corresponds to anger.
  • The little finger corresponds to water, the kidneys and fear.

So if you are overwhelmed by an emotion, just squeeze the corresponding finger a few times and you will feel better. It works! - Reiki background material and  Reiki treatment information

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